Join Me For A Free Ashtanga Yoga Exploration Class 9/20/14 in Cold Spring

Come to SkyBabyYoga in Cold Spring this Saturday, September 20th for a FREE exploration into the Ashtanga Yoga world.

This (below) comes from their web-site, I hope you can make it…  And remember if you are in the NYC area, the Metro North train leaves you right at the doorsteps of the studio.

A FREE kick-off class to celebrate the start of a new six-week series in the practice of Ashtanga with Claudia Azula Altucher.

Come to this open-level exploratory Ashtanga yoga class in which we will go over the most beneficial poses of the primary series at a moderate pace and with plenty of modifications, so that everyone can participate and enjoy it.

You will get all the benefits of a hundred years of a traditional practice in a friendly and inviting environment:

- Open level (everyone is welcome and no prior experience with yoga is necessary)
- Learn a dynamic sequence that challenges but also 'blisses you out'
- Lots of modified poses so that nobody is left behind
- A breathing practice that meets you exactly where you are
- A sequence that you can take home with you - For life
- We will have an open mind and an attitude of fun to get the most juice out of the practice
- We will do the traditional opening and closing chant together

Hope you can join me.

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10 Things I Learned From BKS Iyengar --- Honoring His Passing

BKS Iyengar has passed away, and it is sad to see someone we grew up with as a yoga "teacher of teachers", pass.  

I want to remember him with 10 things I learned directly from him, which for some reason stick in my imagination and never leave me.  

Weather I learned them from books or from hearing them from a You Tube video, he had this magic as he spoke where his words resonated.


When Iyengar asked his teacher (non other than Krishnamacharya) to teach him pranayama (the fourth limb of yoga where we learn to extend/control/retain the breath), what did the teacher say?

The big K said "NO" to him, because Iyengar was too sick and not ready.

What did Iyengar do?  Did he give up? No way!

He spied on him, used mirroring-neurons techniques to study and see how he should practice by copying what the teacher did.

Then he studied by himself.  There is a YouTube video going around where he takes a one minute inhale and a one minute exhale.

Nothing stops us when we want to learn.  There is ALWAYS a way.

Some might say he did not respect tradition. 

But he looked at ancient sources, he observed his teacher, and he did the best he could. And millions learned from it. 

Including me. Thank you BKS Iyengar. 

When we love and are passionate about something much larger than ourselves we lose all sense of prohibitions and man made rules. We just have to do it, and so he did.


Don't forget that the word "practice" implies there are periods you are practicing for. Iyengar had great balance between practice and life. 

If we do not take time to restore the nervous system after practice then we run the risk of being agitated, or jittered. It's not worth it.

Iyengar was always about the entire body, the entire spirit, the entire life. Your life, our lives.


He said once that although his book "Light on Yoga" had a suggested  3-year course on yoga he could also have written it as a 10-year course on yoga.

Because he did not know it would take so long for some students (like me) to progress... 

It's not about speed or achievement. It's about Yoga.


"When I practice, I am a philosopher, when I teach I am a scientist, when I demonstrate I am an artist" BKS Iyengar.

Within practice his focus is on the highest...

But when teaching, precision and determination, proof of what works, that is what counts...  and when he is showing the practice, then it is art in movement and art in stillness.

Practice leads to skill, leads to minute appreciation of the subtleties of how yoga interweaves with body and spirit. This is the art of yoga.


When I think of a lion I think of a big animal that roars and scares me.  

He was known as "the lion", that is Iyengar's reputation.  

He was very strict in classes, he says, because he wanted people to be disciplined and to respect the form of the practice.

Every time I remember him while I am on the mat I tend to try a pose again, or do it with more intention, or stay in it longer.  Such is his effect. 

Always go a tiny bit deeper each time, not just in yoga but in everything in life. 


In one of his latest interviews he said that yoga is a science and like any other, it must be explored by all of us, the students that come after, the next generation.

It is our responsibility to keep on going deeper with it, finding the balance between what we learn and what we "download" from divine intelligence as we practice.

To believe that yoga needs to be static and never change is simply untrue. It's not real.

Everything changes.


He used to do as many backbends as years he turned, every year.

I've not been able to do this.  Maybe I am lazy.  Maybe my back is not there yet.  Maybe I am different.

I am different.

But I admire him for this, for challenging himself to keep his back young. This is how he played. This is how you live to 95.


"One way to test how difficult pratyahara (the fifth limb where we withdraw the senses to make room for concentration) is to go for a walk and at the same time try not to comment or judge or even name what you see or smell:  

"Even on a country walk, though you might  be able to stop yourself from saying: beautiful, it will be almost impossible not to let yourself name the objects -teak tree, cherry tree, violet hibiscus, thorn bush, etc."

Ever since I read that I try appreciate nature with my whole body and mind and not just my brain that likes to name things.  It is not easy.

Not naming things and rather BEING with them is quite the challenge.  I think I will try that today.


I'm not sure if I counted them all. But Iyengar wrote at least 22 books on Yoga that I could find. 

For Iyengar, Yoga wasn't limited to the mat. He lectured, he traveled, he wrote, every day until his death. 

Whatever you are interested in, whatever you do that can change the world, let it infiltrate every area of your life until you breathe and live it and all around you can benefit from it. 

That is what Iyengar did for Yoga. That is what I hope to do in the areas of my life I am passionate about. 


That comes from Light on Life, one of his latest books:

"The yogi steps towards death fearlessly like a soldier who would be ashamed to cling to life, and like a saint because he is already part of the Oneness that he has recognized as the Supreme Reality"

We are afraid to die because we are afraid we have not lived... 


We must live!


Light on Yoga
Light on Pranayama
Light on The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
Light on Life
Light on Ashtanga Yoga
Core of The Yoga Sutras
Path To Holistic Health

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"The Power Of No" Is $1.99 (80% Discount) For This Week

Publishers don't usually do this, so I am grateful to Hay House for offering the book for less than a [Starbucks] cup of coffee...  And of course, I wanted to spread the word.

I hope you get it because this is a once-in-a-life-time offer as I have no control over the price.

I don't much like writing short posts like this that only talk about a price reduction, but the reality is this is quite a steep discount, so I wanted you to know.

Okay, the link on the photo won't work because blogger is not letting me add a link to the photo... But, you can click here to get it.

And... if you read or have read the book, I would love it if you left an honest review in Amazon, because it helps me with rankings.  

Don't have a Kindle?

If you don't have a Kindle reader that's not an obstacle because you can download the "kindle app" in your phone or in any device, and read it "on-the-go" for less than what a Starbucks coffee costs.

For example, you can get the app for Android or I- I-Pad... It's that easy.  Even better, you can now read from your very computer with the cloud reader.  

You can get the book here.

I hope you are having a great summer and great, warm practices.

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12 Things You Can Say "NO" to Today

Check out this great slide-share on 12 things you can say "NO" to, TODAY.  What do you think?

The book has just been released, and I feel a mixture of excitement, fear, exhilaration and everything in between.  Wish us luck!

And a huge shout out of THANK YOU to you, for reading!

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What Is It Like To Co-Write a Book With James Altucher When He Is Your Husband?

Wait - Is he kidding? What is he even saying?

I was listening to James talk to Hay House. They were asking him if he had any new book ideas. I don't even think he blinked and he said, "How about we do "The Power of NO" - it would be exactly like the 'Power of NOW" only without the "W". "

Then he laughed. But they loved it. They wanted to do the book. And he asked me if I wanted to co-write it. Because he knows I can't say "No" to him.

But the more we thought about it the more it made sense. Saying “no” is really difficult.

We are not gentle enough with ourselves to recognize the places where we need boundaries. We all need a bit more “no” in our short lives. "No" literally creates time. Literally creates calm in our lives. Creates the space I need and crave.

Saying yes to James’s invitation into “The Power of No” was easy. Writing it with James, my spouse, as a co-author, was maybe not so easy.

The book tells my origin tale and I am a bit embarrassed of it because my claim to fame is that I come from one of the most dysfunctional families of South America. They had wiped out my ability to say "No" from an early age. But the reality is, I think that's true for many families.

I bled on the page. It was very painful to me and often I wasn't sure if I could write this.

My fears, my angers, my forgiveness, the horror that I had faced in my childhood, my NOs, is how I turned my story from mere words on a page into LIFE.

This is the wrestling of what I learned as I swam those treacherous waters of writing a book with my husband, meeting new faces of his and my personality, and living to tell the tale

1.- Wow! I Get to Free Ride On His Success.

That was the first thought. And I was sure this is what everyone else would think. You know? As in: how lucky for her to write a book with a best-seller author.

Did you catch that?

Not the first line, but the second, the one where I was sure of what everyone else would think.

Who the heck cares what everyone else thinks? Seems I do from time to time.

I didn't want to be thought of as "the wife?"

I had a choice:

I could ignore this and forge ahead, meaning just play as if I totally can do it, Orr, play small and go behind the scenes.

I chose the first one.

And I stood up for things I wanted, for example I wanted the: "|" symbol separating our names in the cover.

I didn’t want to have it read: James Altucher “and” Claudia Azula Altucher. No, I wanted:

James Altucher | Claudia Azula Altucher

I have no idea why that small gesture had anything to do with my creative process, but it worked.

And suddenly we were on the same page. 
2.- The Writing Retreat

Books seem to be due pretty much as soon as you sign a contract so we went to Pennsylvania for a retreat, morning solitude, and hoping to churn those words out.

James gives me a draft of something he wrote. We are looking at the differences between can’t, shouldn’t and wouldn’t.

It is clear to me that: “can’t” is a limitation. Can’t wants to narrow things down, make it all black or white.

“Won’t”, on the other hand, is a decision. As in: I know what is happening and I am choosing not to do that. “I won’t believe every thought my mind spits”. Won’t has power in it.

Shouldn’t, on the third hand, is awful, it means someone else does not approve and I am buying into pre-packaged story telling. “I shouldn’t have dessert” because I fear some thought someone put in my head.

But James sees it differently and I don’t even remember how it was that he saw it differently.

“Clearly you did not work on what I told you to work on!” I say.

I can’t believe I just said that.

He is hurt. Who wouldn’t? I am sorry.

What took over me? Why not give constructive criticism, why not start with the positives (he HAD written after all).

I apologize.

Now I am embarrassed and upset and we have no writing.

But then we wrote. And wrote more. And rewrote. And we started to exchange pages and laughter until his words blended into mind and mine blended into his and suddenly we had a book. Our very own book.

3.- The Fear

Will my family read this? Will they hate it? Where does someone else’s story end and mine begin?

Writing is a curious thing. It shuffles the people in your life throwing some out and attracting new people in, and in the end it lands you a whole new tribe.

I have family members that do not speak to me anymore.

I miss them.

A writer is never palatable for a family. And I will have to live with that.

4.- I Let Go
The manuscript goes to the editors and we have a month off. The winter is brutal.

I want to die.

But I survive.

5.- The Manuscript Comes Back

Gosh! 50,000 words is a lot of words and we need to turn it back in 48 hours.

We settle on taking out the chapter on Won’t Can’t and Shouldn’t. It’s not working for the book and it is not working for us.

I freak out because one of the chapters is not fitting in with the stories. James says we could break it into two No’s. It makes sense and so we do.

I flesh out a chapter on the day I met Thich Nhat Hanh. James edits a few other parts and suddenly it all looks better. 

It now feels like a book.

Now we are in the same room. We take turns to sit on the computer and edit details. He adds two paragraphs to the fourth No. I clean up the fifth No.

We are collaborating.

I love this man.

6.- The Freak Out

The final edits are back in. Now is just “cosmetics” we are told. No major changes, only touches.

I fear a chapter missing and adrenaline sparks in my system. Perhaps I had too much coffee this morning. I am frantic and looking through track-changes in different versions.

Nothing is missing; the desperation just took over BECAUSE IT COULD.

7.- The AudioBook

We are in the city to record the audio version. It is early spring and I feel like I can breathe again. I hate winter.

I read the first line.

The engineer interrupts me and asks me to sound less fake.

Great start.

He is sweet and is trying to help. He just has no idea how low my self-esteem can go around “accent” issues and speaking out loud in a language that’s not my native tongue.

In a moment I need to gather all the strength I have just not to cry. Then I start speaking again, from a more truthful place, I guess. It sounds good.

Then suddenly James spoke perfect Spanish as he was reading the book. I couldn't believe it.

But no, that was just in my imagination. James is never going to learn Spanish.

8.- The Podcast

James invites me to his ultra famous podcast. It’s like one of the most downloaded things in I-Tunes and it feels intimidating.

Surprisingly it just flows like a good old conversation on any given Sunday morning.

We talk about the process, suicide, stalking men, being broken and putting the pieces together. We talk about the daily practice and how it changes both our lives every six months.

I got a lot of feedback on the podcast and people trying to help me too. I am appreciative of this, forgiving and letting go are not easy for me.

9.- My Own Radio Show

If you’d told me three years ago that I would have my own HayHouse Radio show I would have doubted it. I always wanted something like that but I probably would have not been able to see the “how” that would happen.

“How” is always the enemy.

We always want to know how things will happen. At least in my case I want to know exactly how I will get to do everything, step by step, leaving nothing to chance.

But how is the enemy because it blocks the possibilities that open up when we are willing to not know.

And not know I did.

When you don't know about tomorrow, all you can do is focus on doing your best today.

And here I am, co-hosting a radio show on Hay House every Wednesday at 1:00 PM EST.

10.- Showtime

Showtime is next Tuesday. We have a pre-order page where you can get 3 gifts if you buy the book now, before the 15th. I hope you do. We put a lot of work into the free gifts. Get them here.

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7 Ways To Appease The Inner MONSTER When It Takes Over

When I started kicking the furniture and throwing a can of diet coke against the wall in that Brooklyn apartment I knew I was pretty angry, but I had no idea I was also, out of control. 

The walls were spinning and anger was totally moving me... It even felt good. It was sickening.

My then boyfriend of 11 months was not clear that we were through and I thought I was sending a strong message, staging a drama, doing it for the good of all.

But the truth is I was crazy, unconscious, downright dangerous, and out of my mind. 

Why did I act like that? What took over?

To this day I wonder why is it that sometimes I am overtaken by this angry monster, pain body, or just insane mad person that wants to kill everything around it, me included of course.

And I fear it, because once it takes the reins I am not me anymore, I am the beast, and the thing wants only one thing: To destruct everything around me, anything good, anything worth caring for.

In its devious way it wants to assure me that I am not worth having a descent conversation or a peaceful way of life. No! It wants blood, and if it is other people’s emotional blood then all the better.

Just the fact that I am talking about it here 
and that I am aware this energy can possess me is a HUGE WIN. 

But I know better not to get too cocky.

I can rationalize where this mad-energy comes from. I grew up in one of the most dysfunctional families of South America. I am not proud of it; it is just the way it is. But then again, who am I to blame anyone?

All members of my family where doing the best they could with what they knew at the time. They were trying hard. 

My guess is that they did not have the gift I’ve been given, which is I can SEE when the monster takes over. I am aware.

Do you see how enormous that is? 

To realize that sometimes we are just “taken” by this energy, which is pretty universal, and that can strike anyone?

I think a lot about the monster, and I am always in the lookout for tools that can help me curb it when it pops up. 

These are some of the ones I use:

#0- Yes We Must Start At Zero

I had to start at zero because if there is no willingness to see, then you are probably not even here reading this post.

It takes a certain type of courage to be open-minded enough and notice that when everything falls apart, the problem MIGHT be within us.

It is not pretty to turn around and notice we had a prominent role in all of our problems. It takes even more courage to notice that sometimes we are the ones acting crazy. I know it does for me. I don’t like it.

And I will tell you something, a secret, at the risk of making life a living hell for me….

The monster energy that possesses me,  does NOT like it that we are talking about it.

Because when we are willing to face it, it begins to loose power.

So here we are, in the here and now that ZERO marks, with the willingness to look.

Let’s look then. But at your own risk.

#1- Discovering the Monster

There was once a little girl that kept having nightmares about a monster following her up, at night, on the street. She was terrified and would wake up in a sweat.

A wise psychologist suggested that next time she felt the monster behind her in her sleep, instead of running, to turn around.

To her credit, the little girl took this to heart and on her next nightmare she turned around and looked at the monster straight in the eye.

"What happened?" Asked the psychologist.

"The monster turned into a bubble that could only jump up and down" she said.

That is what happens when we discover it; It‘s rendered a LOT less powerful, even comic.

One night after I went too low in a depression incident I woke up angry. As soon as I got out of bed I was screaming and blaming, I was possessed, and all I saw, with funnel vision, was that everything was a mess and things needed to be destroyed in order to be fixed.

Fixing, controlling and blaming are the marks of an active pain body (monster).

When we are caught in those three (blame control and trying to fix things) it might be too late, we may be already unconscious zombies at the mercy of this destructive energy.

The only thing we ever have control over, maybe, is our reaction to whatever happens. And when possessed that is not even an option!

On that day when I woke up angry I risked it all. My job was at risk, my marriage was at risk, my health was shaky, my home, my finances were in trouble. Just what the monster ordered.

That is how the pain body wins. That is how it wants it: Small, destroyed, sorry, broken.

It feeds on anger and devastation. It loves it.

For me, discovering that I was possessed was the first step in understanding and looking for solutions.

It was the moment I, myself, turned around, focused my angry yellow eyes on the monster, and said: “Oh, You live in ME! I can see you”

Only my monster did not turn into a bubble, maybe not yet.  

But I'll tell you one thing, the relationship DEFINITELY changed.

#2- The Most Powerful Defeating Tool Against The Monster

One day I got really angry with my brother. He had done something which I don’t even remember, something not even important.

Since I thought of myself as an advanced yogi I decided to sit in silence and meditate the anger away.

Within a minute I saw myself stand up, filled with “you should know that…” and “I better tell him that…” and continued observing the movie of me rushing downstairs to blame attack and tell him off.  It was not me doing the talking, it was the monster, and it wanted to blame him for things that happened that day and also 20 years ago.

Silence is a great tool to calm the nervous system and have access to new intelligence, new insight. Meditation is great....BUT..

And this is a BIG BUT

Let’s face it… Silence NEVER works when the pain body is active.

Silence will not calm down an active pain body, because the monster is too powerful.
Silence was NOT the tool I needed then, not when I was in the thrusts of unconsciousness.

NO! I needed something stronger. I needed OTHER PEOPLE.

That is the most powerful tool. Other people.

I have two people whom I can email at any time, under whatever circumstances, and run “reality checks” by. I always email them first when I feel the anger creeping in.

They say that hell is other people. I agree. But God is ALSO other people if we are willing to look at it that way.

Having people I can call or email at any time, and who can do the same with me, has provided me with:

- a buffer of time, 
- a different way of seeing things, and 
- at the minimum a temporary halt to the destructive ripples the monster wants to cause.

Feel free to email me if that makes you stop the crazy.  Because it takes two.

#3- MOVE!

John Medina, author of the wonderful “Brain Rules” says that in evolutionary terms our brains are designed to be on the move constantly.

For tens of thousands of years we were constantly either picking food or running away from predators.

The relatively new paradigm of humans sitting in desks all day long is the most destructive thing for a brain.

It creates conditions for a pain body to arise.

I’ve been doing yoga every day for years, and still I find this is not enough.

So I now ALSO take a daily, long, walk. 

James is always going: “wait, give me five more minutes” as he finishes his writing. I love that he comes with me.

And in this walk I challenge myself and think of tree climbing and berry picking and predators following me. So I climb the overhead for the train station three steps at the time, or two… And I do jumping jacks at the top of the really inclined street.

I give my brain what it needs and what it is used to. What it has expected for hundreds of thousands of years and what may help me keep the monster away.

Hey! Whatever works?

Next time you feel possessed by the energy of the monster go ahead and get out of the frigging house. Stand up from your chair and walk for a mile, even better, run. 

Do it. You will see the amazing results on the monster.  You might even get some peace.

The pain body will wither, because it has no evolutionary choice.

#4- The Importance Of Work

The biggest friend of the monster is an idle mind. A mind that has nothing to do.

This is why I believe lots of trust-fund people go crazy, or the richest countries in the world have the biggest numbers of suicides.

Because when we are not choosing what to occupy our brains on then our brain are choosing for us. And they don't always have the best ideas.

Having something of value to do every day, helping others, and making a contribution with work is a blessing not a chore.

Yes some kinds of jobs are awful. But that does not mean we cannot do something meaningful anyways, outside of work, something that enriches us, something we love to do.

#5- Making Offerings And Hoping They Work!

My friend Tina told me that throughout time wise people have made offerings both to the monstrous energy and to the powerfully creative energies. To the good AND the bad!

I usually chant my mantras and dedicate my practice to the good forces. But it never occurred to me to give something to the negative energies.

And so, using the opportunity of a social gathering I went to and in which alcohol was flowing freely, I decided to grab a glass of pink Champaign and wet my lips with it.

I don’t like alcohol and will never drink, but this was my way of saying, “I am not the picture perfect yogi that never drinks, in fact I am a sinner and I mess up a LOT”.

The offering was just a symbol. It helped me NOT take myself so seriously.

I don’t recommend grabbing a glass of alcohol, but maybe offering, say, food to the ground (as some traditions do), or lighting a candle to a skull or something not so god-looking, are other suggestions I’ve been considering.

The dark forces are very real, and at least they need some acknowledgement.

Not so much for the forces but for what they can do to us if we get too convinced that what our mind says is reality.

#6- Why Would Anything Nice EVER Happen?

Why The F&*& would anything nice ever happen? Says comedian Louis C.K.

He has that observational humor of life and has caught on to the fact that all is suffering… The Buddha pointed it out a couple of thousand years ago although he was not nearly as funny.

I’ve come to realize that: “life is suffering” is not just a statement; it is a practice of sorts.

And if I am not feeling awful at least once a day then I am not living, I am hiding.

Take for example today: I wake up and I get an email from so and so, and I don’t like the email. I have to do something I don’t want to do, and I have to because the rest of my professional life is pretty much dependent on me doing the stuff I said I wanted to do.

So I do it, but I feel that underlying anger, not full blown, just underlying discomfort… a time bomb that could explode OR be negotiated…

So when the bad feeling comes in I say: Good! That is GREAT!

It means I am fulfilling my quota of shit-ness for the day, because if there is no
“grrrrr” feeling then I am either having “one of those rare days” OR, I am totally isolating from other human beings.

And isolation is the mother of addiction and perdition.

When we isolate we can easily convince ourselves we can do it all alone. But we can’t.

There is that story of the gods giving us arms that do not bend and are too long, so we cannot feed ourselves. BUT we can feed each other, easily.

The whole point is that yes, hell is other people, but, God is also other people.

When the people we surround ourselves with can give us a reality check, a different point of view, or just a buffer for our anger to get out without emotionally killing those we care for, then they are like GOD.

Because they hear us.

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Learn Shoulder Stand And Enjoy These 5 Benefits

The Shoulder Stand, shalamba sarvangasana, or just "sarvangasana", is known as the "queen" of asanas because it works on ALL of the body.

This video, just like the one for headstand, is broken into segments so you can practice depending on your level of comfort and ability.

Take your time with this pose because it is necessary to go slow, breathe, and never force.   If you feel scared always stop.  It is better to take our time with the practice than having to wait months to recover from injury, especially when it comes to the area of the neck!  Be careful and respect your body.

5 Benefits Of Shoulder Stand

1) True Restoration

One teacher of teachers told me once that if I wanted to have a truly restorative class then all I would have to do is an hour-long class on inversions.

Curious as I am, I decided that on my next practice I would put this to the test and I stayed on my inversions for ten full long breaths, and then I would add one more.

That night I did see how true that was.  I slept very well, I felt relaxed and restored and also quite peaceful during the day!

2)  Preventing Infections

Our circulatory system processes an average of 20 liters of blood per day, 17 of those liters get re-absorved into the blood vessels but the other 3 are left behind.  That is where the lymphatic system comes in to distribute, through accessory routes, these 3 extra liters back to the blood.

Inversions help the valves move along the lymphatic system.  In turn the lymphatic system is responsible for helping us prevent infections.

Over a long and sustained time of practice the shoulder stand is a gift for this system, as it strengthens the whole body.

3) Anti-Aging

Just like with the headstand, the shoulder stand uses gravity in favor of the practitioner because with the deep breathing and the body inverted, the main organs (heart, lungs, kidneys, liver) have an opportunity to restore themselves closer to their original position in the body blue print.

4) Thyroid Gland Massage - Regulating How Fast We Go

The thyroid gland is on the back of the neck and it regulates our levels of activity.  If one day you feel you are going too fast or too slow, then the tyroid may be out of sorts.

By massaging the area of the throat this gland gets flooded in fresh blood, and over time it helps regulate the speed of our daily activities.  This is why active practitioners of yoga seem more relaxed and centered (not all but some).

This is why B.K.S. Iyengar says (on "Light on Yoga")

"...Due to the soothing effect of the pose on the nerves, those suffering from irritation, shortness of temper, nervous breakdown and insomnia get relief..."

5) Better Breathing

B.K.S. Iyengar also tells us that "persons suffering from breathless, palpitations, asthma, cronchitis and throat ailments get relief"

Breathing in this pose is a challenge and you will see as you get deeper into it that it takes courage and strength to breathe deeply.

Remember however, that the BREATH is the most important thing to get all of these benefits.


5 Steps to learn the HEADstand... both in English  and Spanish

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