The Other Day I Went So Low...

The other day I went so low I looked for safety in that Chelsea apartment. I wanted a bunker. Ended in the basement.  Made a tent with the bed sheets.

The other day I got so angry I wanted to break everything, just like my mom destroyed my 10-year-old birthday cake. That must have felt good. To attack it and make it crumble.  She sent me across the street to get another cake -- to the panaderia.

The other day I realized that, at the panaderia, when I asked for the new cake, everything seemed normal. But my world had just crumbled.

The other day I had the audacity to think of a world where peace is all there is, like I imagined when I was 7 and thought it possible and told the nuns about it. They didn't listen.

The other day I recalled how three years ago my dad woke up to have his mate and bread, and didn't know it was the last time.

The other day I planned my death about three times. But I'm a coward.

The other day I read a book from a guy who teaches how to write quickly, fast, and good, and I laughed at how he both: promoted his services and had spelling mistakes. In the third paragraph. Of the first page. I felt better.

The other day I wrote things for no reason. And to you, MS Word (your condescending wiggly-green underline), you don't know my grammar.

The other day I thought that as much as I hate me, I'm a writer.

The other day I didn't believe what I just said. I never do.

The other day I felt the writing come easy. Guess I was grateful, because, what I appreciate… expands.

I'm not grateful at all, I am just relieved that the poison can flow out, and be splashed dead on the page. Today.

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  1. What can be written or said aloud liberates and heals. Adelante porque para atras nos caemos. xo

  2. Wow what can one add to this?
    The other day I thought of you and how you've always used your body to express yourself. The other day I thought of how courageous you were after your knee surgeries. I would have died of pain and never been able to go thru therapy like u did. The other day i thought of how much drama there has been been in uour

  3. Been in your family and yet you keep so pure and shiny. Always with a smile. Always with so much love to give. The other day i thought i hadnt spoken to you in a while and that i wanted to talk to you and what were you up to. What were you down to.

  4. it does! Gracias, y si, adelante


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