Trouble Sleeping? Try This Oceanic Yoga Breathing Exercise To A Drum Beat And Drift Off

The exercise is INCREDIBLY POWERFUL and very simple.  Here is the link to YouTube in case it is not showing on your browser.

At our last workshop in the Berkshires of Massachusetts people were so happy with it that they asked me to record it.

I had known the power of it and within my own system, but suddenly having sixty people tell me they LOVED it was a game changer.

They told me the drum and the hypnotic nature of the oceanic breathing,  had left them relaxed, with a calm disposition and ready for bed.

I was finally able to use my brother's studio in Buenos Aires to do the proper recording, with the right sound for the drum, to get the right vibration to shine through, and here it is.

In the first four minutes there is an explanation of what is to happen.

We need to "SOMEWHAT" (as in: don't force it) isolate the three parts of the torso into which we will be breathing, like so:

- Lie down with knees bent (so you don't fall asleep the first time)
- Take a deep breath and relax
- We will breathe in waves, just like the ocean does
- We will isolate breathing first through the abdomen, in and out
- Then through the rib-cabe, in and out
- Then through the ceiling of the chest, in and out

- Then we put it together, taking one long breath divided in 3 parts for the inhale and 3 parts for the exhale, with a pause in between:
   - In with the abdomen, pause
   - In with the ribcage, pause
   - In with the chest, pause

- Hold for 3 counts
   - Out with the chest, pause
   - Out with the ribcage, pause
   - Out with the abdomen,

And we take one count of rest.
I suggest you listen to the first four minutes first so when the DRUM KICKS IN you are ready.

Don't force, don't try to do it perfectly as there is no such thing, just try as best as you can, and use it to go within.

I learned the exercise from a dance teacher, about 20 years ago.  She used yoga breathing techniques and had an incredible effect on her students, her name is Mary Anthony and I believe she still teaches in NYC.

Use the exercise at any time during the day or before going to sleep.  Enjoy!


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